1 Gem Resource Boost Until The Clash of Clans Update

As we have seen today a announcement from Supper \cell about Friendly Challenges feature in upcoming Clash of Clans Update, They also announced that there will be a 1 Gem Resource Boost until the update gets released.

Read here everything about the Friendly Challenges:

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Clash of Clans Update

As you can see the 1 Gem Boost will stay until the next Clash of Clans Update gets released.

When Will The Clash of Clans Update Be?

That’s the big question. There haven’t been real Sneak Peeks yet and no update schedule, as far as I know.  Plans with the next update in June, that’s 2 weeks from now.

In the past when Supercell released some information on their blog they always did that in advance of the Sneak Peeks. I expect them to appear next week, earliest. That’s how it was in the last 2 updates since they set up their blog.

In the end, every additional day waiting for the update means an additional day of boosted mines and collectors and also filled bases we can raid.

I hope you understand that this is all information I have for you right now regarding the release, as soon as I have more I will share it here.

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