Town Hall 7 Base: Best Layouts & Design

Their are different Clash of Clan Strategy on the internet for base & Farming Base Layouts at all town hall levels. You can use them to design your own village and amend as per your desire. But Today it’s time for a new base design. All recent base designs I featured here have become very popular, so they can be beaten by more and more people. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for Town Hall 7, War Base Layouts and Farming Base Layouts.

TH7 War Base

With the 3rd Air Defense we got in the March Update, you now have a better chance against Dragon attacks. Here are some base layouts that work well against Dragons, but also against Hog Riders.

Anti Dragon

The first Clash of Clan Strategy about Town Hall 7 War Base Layout is designed specifically against Dragon attacks with the Air Defenses in the core and an outside ring that will make the Dragons go around, instead of entering the base, if the attacker can’t funnel Dragons (which most simply can’t).

Anti Dragon Town Hall 7 War Base

Anti Hog Rider

The second Clash of Clan Strategy about Town Hall 7 War Base Design is solid against Dragons and also Hog Riders. The layout of the defenses are designed to lure the Hogs around the base instead of entering the core, and there’s also Giant Bomb with Hidden Bombs setup that might kill a squad of Hogs if the attacker isn’t careful with his Healing Spells.

Dragons will simply be shot down from the core with the Air Defenses and there is no way to take them out in advance. This is my favorite layout here because many attackers are not capable of adapting to southern teaser bases as a Town Hall 7.

Anti Hog Rider Town Hall 7 War Base

Anti Giants & Anti 3 Star

The third Town Hall 7 War Base Layout uses nice funneling against Giant attacks, which has become more and more popular these days.

Many think they can go for the Town Hall fast and easy by attacking from the right side, but they will be surprised to see their troops go off to the north and south.

Anti Giants Town Hall 7 War Base Anti 3 Star

Farming Base Layouts

Farming Clash of Clan Strategy about Base layouts with inside Town Halls are not easy to create at Town Hall 7 because you’re missing some walls to put all the Storages inside the intersections.

The important thing is to spread the Storages so attackers can’t go for them specifically. This minimizes the risk that an attacker can take all loot without getting 3 Stars on your base.

Here are some layouts I recommend.

TH7 Farm Base

The first Clash of Clan Strategy about Town Hall 7 Farm Base Layout uses the funnel on the outside to force attackers into traps. There is no easy way to access the storages, so a farmer will not get more than two, if not less than that.

Most of the farmers you see in this region will only snipe your Mines and Collectors on the outside.

Town Hall 7 Farming Base

Hybrid Farming Base

The second Clash of Clan Strategy about Town Hall 7 Farming Base Design works with more intersections, but you can also see that there is only one Storage on each side in each compartment, and there is enough splash damage next to it to protect it from a Goblin rush.

Hybrid Farming Base for Town Hall 7

For Dark Elixir Protection

The third Clash of Clan Strategy about Town Hall 7 Farming Base Layout is perfectly protecting your Dark Elixir Storage, in case you focus on saving Dark Elixir right now. The other Storages are easier to reach to distract attackers from your precious Dark Elixir.

TH7 Farming Base for Dark Elixir Protection


These Clash of Clan Strategy about base layouts will work very well and are quite new. None of them are popular in the community, so chances are good you can surprise attackers with them.

Hopefully you like this Clash of Clans Strategy! Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any suggestion or question. For more News, updates, Tactics and Strategies of Clash of Clans keep visiting our blog. All the clash of clans tips and tricks are freely available on this blog. You can also found all the latest Clash of Clans Strategy in this category of our blog.

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