Clash of Clans Attack Strategy About How to Suicide Attacks

There are different clash of clans attack strategy to win coins and trophies for you. Today I am here with an other new “Clash of Clans Attack Strategy About How to Suicide Attacks“. But first things, this post is not about sending in troops brainless or running into sink hole troll bases. Suicide attacks are an strategy to use against defending Heroes. Specifically the Archer Queen when located near the perimeter so you can clear her before you send in your regular attack. Another term for this would be surgical clearing.

What is Clash of Clans Attack Strategy About How to Suicide Attacks?

Basically, it’s taking out a defending Archer Queen that is in the outside ring before you start the attack. This will make your attack a lot easier so you’re willing to sacrifice some of your forces. It’s call suicide attacks, because you will lose those troops.

Most commonly used are suicide Dragons or a suicide Barbarian King. You can do it with other troops, but these are more commonly used due to their respectable damage and high hitpoints to keep them alive. A suicide Archer Queen will go down fast without any additional protection and you will miss her in your main attack or during the clean up part of the attack.

In this next part I want to show you some situations where you could think about doing a suicide attack. I will try not to brand this to a certain troop. If you have a PEKKA you want to sacrifice it’s ok, the same for a Dragon or a Barbarian King.

Suicide Attack on Archer Queen

If you have an Archer Queen altar on the outside it’s always smart to think about clearing her separately. Here’s an example that’s perfectly fitting:

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

The best way to clear her, along with some outside structures, will be the Barbarian King. In this case, you have to wait until she jumps over the Wall before you deploy your troops!

Otherwise, you risk her shooting over the Wall, and the Barbarian King will have to break the Wall. This could be an expensive mistake, so simply be patient for a couple more seconds:

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

Semi-Exposed Archer Queen

If you’re facing a semi-exposed Archer Queen you have to use suicide Dragons. If this in a Clan War attack, you can simply train 2 Dragons. That’s 40 housing space in total and that’s pretty cheap if you king in mind that you will take out the defending Archer Queen with them:

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

Never attempt to send in ground units to get this kind of Archer Queen. She will never jump over that many Walls and your Barbarian King or PEKKA will get stuck on the outside and be killed. A suicide mission that fails is the worst that can happen.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

This is looking pretty easy, right? Well, it is! 2 Dragons can clean her, you only have to make sure that the radius of the defending Archer Queen is big enough!


If the defending Archer Queen is not on the inside and her defensive radius is reachable from the outside, you should always consider using a suicide attack to take her out. She is one of the worst defending units to deal with and to get her out of the way with this cheap method is wise.

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