Expected Clash of Clans Update March 2016 Details

Their are many rumors about new Clash of Clans Update  on many forums so I write this article about “Expected Clash of Clans Update March 2016 Details “. For new Strategies, details, tips and tricks regarding clash of clans are available here, in this article we will tell you that what is new upcoming Clash of Clans Update about new troops.

Confusing? Maybe a little bit, but I will bring some clearness.

Leaked Dark Troops For the March 2016 Clash of Clans Update

To make it short and simple we start at the basics. It’s possible to extract all the game files for Clash of Clans and have a look at all graphics etc. Somebody did exactly that and found evidence inside our existing game versions:

  • New Dark Troop: Rocketeer
  • New Dark Troop: Chain Lightning
  • Goblin Level 7
  • Hog Rider Level 6
  • Mortar Level 9
  • Inferno Tower Level 4

While these things are already somewhere in the game code, there’s also some first graphics to proof this:

Clash of Clans Update

But only because it’s inside the game code doesn’t mean it will be implemented and released in the very same way. It’s only placeholders and maybe we will never see this inside the game.

Do you remember the Air Tank that became the Lava Hound, the first loo of the Town Hall 11, etc.? Those are placeholder for future developments that can end up completely different from the first draft version.

A nice description about this from an official moderator:

Clash of Clans Update

What does that mean?

It’s inside the code and that’s a fact, but that doesn’t mean it will be released in the next Update or even in this way. So we’re in the beginning.

The only thing that is sure for the March 2016 Update is that we will very likely get a new troop and the War Matchmaking will get adjusted.

All The Maintenance Breaks Recently

We also have seen a lot of Maintenance Breaks lately, but they are not related to the Update and only server improvement for those players that have issues with the game (Android exclusive problem due to Player ID Changes from Google).

Good news is that there will be an optional Hotfix Update available soon to address this:

Clash of Clans Update

March Update Sneak Peeks

When will the Sneak Peeks be released? I already named this post March 2016 Update and it would be a very big surprise if the Update will not hit this month.

This was posted on March 3rd on the official Clash of Clans Facebook account:

Clash of Clans Update


I have written about all Updates that happened since the beginning of 2014, and it gets more crazy each time. The original thread in the forum started a discussion that was very ugly to read – tons of cursing and comments that went too far, much too far.

Don’t get upset by the trolls, the Update will come this month and we will see new things. What this exactly will be can only a few people tell, and they won’t.

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