Healing Spell


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                                                    Healing Spell

Heal your Troops to keep them in the fight! Cast this spell to create a Ring of Healing. Your units will be healed while they are inside this ring.


  • It takes 20 minutes to create in the Spell Factory.
  • When placed, the spell forms a stationary ring of healing on the ground.
  • All friendly units within the ring will be healed (ground or air), which includes Healers.
  • It lasts for a total of 12 seconds (40 healing ‘pulses’ every 0.3 seconds).
  • Heroes can also be healed by the Healing Spell, although the rate of healing is reduced to half of that of normal troops.

Offensive Strategy

  • A good strategy is to place the Healing Spell on Giants and Hog Riders, as they have medium health and can get healed quickly.
  • It can also be used for healing units such as Goblins while they attack Gold Storages and Elixir Storages. However, this might not be effective, as a Mortar or Wizard Tower of sufficient level may be able to instantly defeat them.
  • Before you place a Healing Spell, make sure that your Units will stay inside the Spell’s radius for as long as possible.
  • The Healing Spell goes well with the Rage Spell, due to the fact that the Rage Spell makes Troopsfaster and stronger while healing them makes them much more durable as well.
  • It is very effective when used with high-health and/or slow troops.


  • You can heal a Healer with a Healing Spell. Also, unlike the Healer, Air Troops can be healed.
  • Any unit that moves out of the Healing Spell’s radius will immediately stop being healed.
  • As part of the 17 Apr 2013 update, the creation time was reduced from 1.5 hours to 30 minutes. Then, in the 1 July 2015 update, it was further reduced to 20 minutes.
  • You can stack Healing Spells on top of each other to increase the effect.
  • Although the Healing Spell can be upgraded to level 2 in the level 2 Laboratory, only Troops andSpells that are already unlocked will appear in the Laboratory upgrade interface. The Healing Spell will not appear in the Laboratory until the Spell Factory has been upgraded to level 2 (which requires Town Hall level 6). Most players already have a level 4 Laboratory by that time; if so, the first two upgrades will be available as soon as the Spell Factory level 2 upgrade finishes.
  • When the Healing Spell is deployed, it makes a “cling” sound.
  • When the Spell Factory was first introduced to the game as part of the 18 Sep 2012 update, allSpells required Gold to create. The 6 Nov 2013 update changed the required resource for all Spells, including the Healing Spell, to Elixir.


Radius Number of Pulses Time Between Pulses Housing Space Brewing Time Spell Factory Level Required
5 tiles 40 0.3s 2 20 minutes 2


Level Total Healing Healing per Pulse Cost Elixir Research Cost Elixir Research Time Laboratory Level Required
1 600 15 15,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 800 20 16,500 300,000 1 day 2
3 1,000 25 18,000 600,000 2 days 4
4 1,200 30 20,000 1,200,000 3 days 5
5 1,400 35 22,000 2,400,000 5 days 6
6 1,600 40 24,000 4,800,000 7 days 7