How to Deal with Dead Zone Bases – Clash of Clans Strategy

For new Strategy and details of tips and tricks regarding clash of clans are available here, in this article we will tell you about “How to Deal with Dead Zone Bases – Clash of Clans Strategy” and why it is very important for your in clan war. You can use this Clash of Clans Strategy and attack on your opponent and win with lots of trophies and loot.

Dead Zones are a base design features that is used in some bases. It’s a design feature that should funnel attacking troops away from a particular spot, most likely the Town Hall and the core of the base. While this worked efficiently against attackers, especially in Town Hall 9 regions, I see attackers having respect attacking it. I have discussions in Clan War from time to time when clan members just don’t want to attack these certain type of bases – mostly because they had bad experiences with dead zone bases before. However, it’s actually quite easy to get this kind of bases taken down, if you follow some basic rules.

About Dead Zones

Dead Zones are nothing more than a certain type of funneling. They add additional space between the spot of deployment and the next structure that will be a potential target for a troop. Here’s an example:

Clash of Clans Strategy

If you deploy troops at the bottom of the base, they would always walk to the sides, even if a lot of buildings are destroyed there. There’s a lot of space between the core and the deployment spot, and the additional layer of Walls makes it even less attractive for your attacking troops.

Different Dead Zone Types

When we talk about dead zones, we can separate them into 3 different types:

  1. Outside Single Wall unit area
  2. Additional Layer
  3. Inside Base Dead Zone

Each of them features a certain purpose you should know about. In fact, dead zones are only useful if the attacker doesn’t know what they will do to his troops – otherwise dead zones are nothing more than a lot of wasted space and Walls!

Attacking Dead Zones

If you attack a base that features an outside dead zone, as shown above, you have to break with your first instinct. Of course you want to attack from that side, it’s almost unprotected and the way to the Town Hall seems so tempting – why wouldn’t you want to attack from that side? Simple. Because the creator of the base wants you to attack from there!

The intention of the defender is not to let you win, so never do what he wants. See it from another point of view. You have a base that offers you a free extra percentage on one side where you only need to invest a couple of Archers or Wizards and start the attack from the opposite side.

Overcome Inside Dead Zones

Inside Dead Zones are a little more tricky. Take a look at this example here:

Clash of Clans Strategy

First of all, you have to deal with a surprise. You don’t know if there are Hidden Teslas or not in it, and you have a hard time attacking it with your max attack, because you can’t really plan what’s going to happen.

In regular attacks, you have your tanking force and your supportive troops that destroy buildings. With this setup you’ll face the problem that your tanking force won’t go through the middle of the base, it will split up and go left or right and your damage dealing troops will be lost in between. The defender will win in this case, but that’s not what we want.

The right way to deal with this kind of bases is easier than you would think. The key is that you won’t need your max tanking force because a base like that won’t require you to have it. You see that you have smaller compartments with limited defensive power and that’s the key to beat a base like this.

In this special case, the Town Hall is on the left, so we start our attack from the right side and work through the base outside to the left.

Clash of Clans Strategy

With the limited defensive power we wait until our troops move to the next compartment and add some more troops:

Clash of Clans Strategy

This has two advantages for our attack:

  1. We can calculate what to invest
  2. Our surviving troops will move to the next compartent and support our troops there

This is possible because the creator of the base created this pathing for our troops, They will only go in one directiong so we can perform our attack easily without complex scouting before the attack.


Dead Zone bases aren’t that overpowered as many call them to be. Their only key is that people will walk into the honeypot and fail with the attack. If you have looked through this trap, you can easily take these bases down. Always remember to:

  • Never attack from the side of an outside dead zone
  • Never perform a full max tanking attack from one side when you face an inside dead zone

Go ahead an attack some of these bases and you’ll see they offer you easy 3 Stars with some practicing.

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