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If you are the leader of clan and have to invest a lots of time in managing everything and facing problems like peoples are frequently leaving and joining your clan and all the time they request for new troops and donate wrong troops to others, now you don’t need to worry at all. Here are the clash of clan tips “How to Make a Successful Clan Without Having to Kick and Check All Clan Members All the Time ” . You can use these Clash of Clans Tips and run your clan in better way.

Why the right clan recruiting is the most important thing when running a Clan

Members just only requesting troops all the time, donating the wrong troops or farming in Clan War are issues that probably 93% of all Clashers know. Your Clan is the teamed up force of all members so you can only be successful as a Clan when all members have the same intention in playing together – not only in Clan War. Having a good Clan means members support each other and also help each other and let’s face it – a selfish and childish clan-hopper will never become a generous and loyal member, so see my Clash of Clans Tips to simply don’t have them in your Clan.

Don’t accept Clan Hopper!

Like I said – you never change the mindset of a player so you just don’t want to have Clan Hopper in your clan. It’s always hard to tell if someone’s a Clan Hopper and I don’t want to build a picture of mistrust here. Everyone deserves a chance to prove himself being a loyal member but read here some hints to see if a new recruit might be a clan hopper.

 It’s all about quality – not quantity

Most clans have a simple way to recruit – they accept almost everyone that could fit in game-progress and then kick out the ones who break the rules. I personally have not a very good opinion and Clash of Clans Tips on that because this means you will definitely have some trolling pricks among them. Now you have two mayor problems:

  1. It’s hard work to watch the new members and kick them when they start fooling around with other members (this is your own time you have to invest!)
  2. Loyal clan members get frustrated because they have to deal with that and might consider changing the clan (if you’re in the situation like this check out my post why you should NOT just leave your Clan)
 Clash of Clans Tips

But how can you only get quality recruits? Well, to be honest this is slower than just mass-accepting, but you should mind those things:

  • Set up a proper Clan Description to let recruits know what your Clan is about! I have made a post a couple weeks ago what you should put in your Clan Description to really stand out
  • Check out new recruits!
    • Take a look at their Experience Level to get a first impression what kind of player you have in front of you.
    • Check out their bases. If they are pretty rushed, they might get you into trouble in Clan War. Also, do you know a solid Clasher with a wrecked rushed base?

Clash of Clans Tips

Where to recruit new members

The most common way is promoting your Clan wither in the global chat or wait until people come across your Clan when searching for a Clan. The first one is simply horrible – have a silent look at the global chat for 5 minutes and really ask yourself if there was one person acting there you want to have in your Clan… I doubt there is.

If you don’t want to wait ages for new recruits you might have to get active yourself. There are some places online that might get you the attention of worthy Clashers:

When you start recruiting there make a recruitment post that drives attention! Not simply write “We search members”, make a full post why your Clan is worth joining.

Hopefully you like these Clash of Clans tips! Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any suggestion or question. For more News, updates, Tactics and Strategies of Clash of Clans keep visiting our blog. All the clash of clans tips and tricks are freely available on this blog. You can also found all the latest Clash of Clans Tips in this category of our blog.

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