How to Scout Profile of a Player in Clash of Clan

Complete details of the clash of clans tips and tricks are available here, in this article you can found complete information of scouting the profile of a clash of clan player which can Make an Impact on your plan to attack on other players. You can also found all the latest clash of clans update in this category of our blog.

How to Scout Profile of a Player in Clash of Clan

Have a new Clan member or simply want to check out your friends in Clash of Clans? It’s always hard to tell what a player has achieved but in this post, I will show you what you can learn from a player profile by understanding the figures right.

Which Information can be Discover from Profile of a Player

Actually, the player profile is nothing more than a public summary of key metrics about a player – unless you know how to handle these numbers. I will now show you what numbers you should spend a second eye on.

Profile of a Player in Clash of Clan

All the Activities of a Player can be Checked

When you compare players, you need to pay the most attention to how much and how frequently a player logs in to play. Some need just a few months to reach TH7; others need two years to go there. There are three figures that will tell you a lot about the activity of a player: (the higher the number the more inactive the player)

Nice and Tidy – How many Obstacles the Player Removed

  • TH6 should have about 300
  • TH7 should have about 500
  • TH8 should have about 800
  • TH9 should have about 1200

Attacks Won

  • TH6 should have at least 400
  • TH7 should have at least 700
  • TH8 should have at least 1200
  • TH9 should have at least 2000

Defenses Won

  • TH6 should have about 100
  • TH7 should have about 250
  • TH8 should have about 400
  • TH9 should have about 700

If the base looks solid when it comes to upgrade levels, you can assume if this player is rather active or not. Especially when you’re recruiting for your Clan it’s important to know if you can expect this player to be online every couple of days or every day.

Arm Details Clash of Clan

A Clasher is a Gemmer or not?

I don’t want to start the discussion if a Gemmer is a bad Clasher but knowing if someone (and how much a Clasher) buys and uses Gems could be a valuable information for you.

Bottom of Form

Gold Looted

  • TH6 should have 9M
  • TH7 should have 28M
  • TH8 should have 80M
  • TH9 should have 200M

Elixir Looted

  • TH6 should have 5M
  • TH7 should have 15M
  • TH8 should have 40M
  • TH9 should have 100M

That’s what you need to upgrade to the Town Hall level with the corresponding Defenses and troop upgrades. Just one more thing about a Gemmer here – they are not bad for your Clan because you can expect them to also gem their army on a close schedule in Clan War where other players simply can’t do the attack in time. But like mentioned above, I don’t want to say Gemmers are good in common or bad in common either. This is up to your preference.

Troops Reques in Clash of Clan

A Donner in Clan war is a Selfish Donator or Just Collection XP

When someone joins your Clan, you should always know if you have someone selfish joining or someone willing to give away tons of troop donations Have a look at:

Friends in Need

  • TH6 should have 2k+
  • TH7 should have 5k+
  • TH8 should have 10k+
  • TH9 should have 20k+

As mentioned, when those numbers are very high you might have an XP Farmer in front of you simply joining, donating anything and leaving again.

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Performance of a Player can be Checked

A Pirate’s crew is only loyal to the captain as long as the loot is right – and that’s similar to Clan loyalty when it comes to Clan War. You should always aim to get experienced and helpful members to join to not put your next Clan War Victory at risk.

War Hero

  • TH6 should have 100+
  • TH7 should have 150+
  • TH8 should have 250+
  • TH9 should have 400+

War Loot

  • TH6 should have 5M+
  • TH7 should have 10M+
  • TH8 should have 20M+
  • TH9 should have 50M+

Final Words about Player Profile

You’ll never find someone with perfect numbers, but when all numbers are within a regular range, you’re good. There are many ways that Clashers play the game so you will see some differing numbers – always look at the big picture and in case some numbers are very far away from normal be alarmed.

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