Leaked Queen Walk Nerf in Clash of Clans Update March 2016

As few days are remaining about new Clash of Clans Update in the month of March 2016. I listen many rumors about this update on many forums. One of the leaked information is being shared hare, hope so it will be very interesting for you.This information was extracted from the game files and created huge waves in the community. I follow this story very closely, but I’m aware many of you don’t have the time to do that. Therefore, I have put everything in this post:

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Read that first to get up to date because, in this post, I will show you what happened in the last few days regarding this topic.

Queen Walk Nerf?

The Queen Walk (also called Superqueen) is strong these days, especially if the attacker has Level 30+ Heroes. Inside the leaks that were shown a few days ago (including Rocketeer, etc.) there was evidence about a possible nerf for the Queen Walk.  They would be reducing the stacked healing from multiple Healers.

Again, the files inside the extraction could be there for years to come, so simply because they are there doesn’t mean they will ever be released. They are placeholders for possible future changes. I described that in the original post:

Also Read: Expected Clash of Clans Update March 2016 Details

Here is the information that was found in the game files:

Clash of Clans Update

This would put a stop to Queen Walks entirely, but again it’s not confirmed. Here’s an official statement regarding these “leaks”:

Clash of Clans Update

To be fair, this is neither a confirmation that it’s coming, nor a confirmation that it’s not. It only shows that Supercell is thinking about taking action, but has made no definite decision.

I’m very sure the update will get Sneak Peeks either this week or, at the latest, next week; I think it would be crazy to think Supercell doesn’t know yet what they will put into the update. Maybe they will save this nerf for a later update, in case Queen Walks gets more and more dominating.


Like Marika said, don’t believe anything on the internet. We know for sure that we will get changes in the War Matchmaking. And also a new troop is confirmed and will be very likely in the update.

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In a couple of days we will know for sure. Until then, I won’t get myself involved in these crazy speculations. I can’t understand why so many people get angry about a rumor of an update they haven’t even seen in action. In the end, it’s a game and we can be sure that Supercell wants us to have fun – otherwise, they will loose a lot of players. It’s in their best interest to make us happy, even when some only see them as greedy.

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