May 2016 Clash of Clans Update Sneak Peek #1 + Leaks (Cannon, Lava Hound, Balloon & Balancing)

We have seen 1st news about May 2016 Clash of Clans Update yesterday and brought to you some details regarding the Friendly Challenges, we’re now getting the official Sneak Peek #1 for the May 2016 Clash of Clans Update. Yes, May 2016 because it will get released very soon and definitely in May (sorry for expecting it in June).

Here’s all about the Friendly Challenges:

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Cannon Level 14, Lava Hound Level 4 & Balloons Level 7

Town Hall 11 will see the new troop & defense level and it looks like we will see a comeback of popular air attacks with the new troop level and only the Cannon being upgraded. Here’s all the new stuff:

Town Hall 11

  • Cannon level 14
  • Lava Hound level 4
  • Balloon level 7

In Town Hall 11, air armies have dwindled in popularity. These new levels should help revitalize high-level air armies while helping to defend against the ground rush.

Clash of Clans Update

Clash of Clans Update

Clash of Clans Update

Cannon Level 14, Balloon Level 7 & Lava Hound Level 4 Stats

Here are the stats for the new levels:

Clash of Clans Update

Clash of Clans Update

Clash of Clans Update

The stats are, in my opinion, alright – a logical next step and no killer increases that will make them overpowered.

Town Hall 10+

  • Bowler housing space reduced to 6

Bowlers just didn’t seem to be providing enough value for an 8 housing space unit, and the bulky size made him a tough fit in a well-rounded army.

Town Hall 7+

  • Spring Trap levels 2-4

New Spring Trap levels with minor capacity increases will help catch additional units from time to time. They might even catch an extra Valkyrie!

Clash of Clans Update

This means your Spring Trap will be able to blow up a max of 20 housing space (4 Giants or Hog Riders) when upgraded to the max level!!!

Clash of Clans Update

More Changes in May 2016 Clash of Clans Update

There will be some additional tweaks to the usability and improvement of the user experience:

  • Edit Mode tools: A bunch of features added to make editing layouts easier
  • Donate fully trained Troops/Spells from production queues even if your army is full
  • Drag troops/spells anywhere into a training queue – training progress is transferred
  • Gem Troops/Spells for donation directly from the donation context menu
  • War Logs for any Clan can now be publicly viewed, unless disabled in Clan settings
  • Builder Suggestions: Tap Builder Info to see and select suggested upgrades to perform
  • Live spectator count is now shown during attack – see how many others are watching!
  • Chat stream revamped with built-in Request button

Funny thing is, what Supercell means by “a bunch of features added to make editing layouts easier” – in fact that’s a BUNCH of features:

Clash of Clans Update

I think especially those among us being active and passionate base designers will love the new features.

Luckily I don’t see a “copy enemy base layout”

Check out the latest Clash of Clans Update Info in your UPDATE SECTION HERE!

Leaked Material

That’s it from the official side, but not from my side for today. With all the pictures I’ve seen I’m sure I can announce some more things for the new Clash of Clans Update:

  • Giants Level 8
  • Wall Breaker Level 7
  • A New Dark Spell

At least I’m pretty sure because it was within the video material – seems like the Youtubers are not that cautious anymore

Clash of Clans Update

And here’s the new Dark Spell Factory

Clash of Clans Update


This is obviously only the start of what we will see, so please be patient if you’re on a lower Town Hall. I’m sure we will see nice new stuff for the lower players as well.

I personally like the fact that end game air attacks are coming back because I always loved them and have still been using Ballonian farming over the past month. Let’s just hope that the new troops get balanced enough to not make air attacks too overpowered.

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