May 2016 Clash of Clans Update Sneak Peek #5 – New Troop! Baby Dragon

As you know that new Clash of Clans Update is on the way in this month, here are some of its highlights. We anticipated there would be a new regular Elixir Troop in Clash of Clans Update. The new Level for the Barracks has been in the recent Sneak Peeks and it was obviously shown in every video. While I think that we can expect 2 new Elixir troops, one of them being the Miner, the other one just got revealed in today’s’ Sneak Peek #5 – the Baby Dragon!

Baby Dragon is a new Clash of Clans Elixir Troop!

Those of you playing Clash Royale will already be familiar and, therefore, some of us might ask why we need a Baby Dragon when we actually have a real Dragon in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Update

Unfortunately, there are no stats and level public right now, but you will be able to get the Baby Dragon at Town Hall 9.

It will take up 10 Housing space, which is less than the regular Dragon.

Some might fear that this is only a cheaper and weaker version of the Dragon, but that’s not correct. The Baby Dragon has a unique feature – it will get enraged (like having a built in Rage Spell) when there are no other air units in the area.

Clash of Clans Update

This means it is a great addition to ground attacks, also because it’ not as slow as a regular Dragon!

Here you can see it in full action:

Clash of Clans Update! Somehow the stats of the Baby Dragon from a developer version got leaked (not 100% sure, but looks very legit to me):

Clash of Clans Update


I’m not sure how to fit this in, but after the additional level for the Lava Hound and Balloons, this is another air attacking boost and we see where the second half of the year might go – the comeback of airborne attacks!

I hope that I will be able to give you the stats of the Baby Dragon as soon as possible! For more News, updates, Tactics and Strategies of Clash of Clans keep visiting our blog. All the clash of clans tips and tricks are freely available on this blog. You can also found all the latest Clash of Clans Update in this category of our blog.

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