New Clash of Clans Update is New Troops Confirmed

New Strategy and details of tips and tricks regarding clash of clans are available here, in this article we will tell you about the new upcoming Clash of Clans Update of new troops.

Even before the Update it was no secret that a new troop was coming soon. Supercell actually released the new Dark Barracks on their new website back in November (and removed it quickly afterwards):

Dark Barracks Level 7

After Supercell also released their new game “Clash Royale” in some countries we have a second game in the Clash Universe, so it’s very likely that the new troop is already featured inside Clash Royale.

Many speculated it will be the Musketeer, but Anoushka put an end to this yesterday:

New Clash of Clans Update

So we know that the next Clash of Clans Update is a couple of weeks down the road. With the regular rhythm we could have expected the Update at the end of February or beginning of March. The important word is “could”.

I’m sure Supercell spent at least 3 weeks developing  the January Update that brought us the Loot Cart and the Treasury,  and this is the time we can add for the next content Update. I’m sure we will not see the update before the middle of March, but I can also be wrong. Just my personal feeling.

Whats May be New Troops in Clash of Clans Update?

If, and only if, the new troop is already featured in Clash Royale it could be pretty much anything – Knight, Prince, Giant Skeleton, Spear Goblins…

However, there is also speculation that the new troop will be a troop designed for Clash Royale but was removed from the game before release. If this is the case then it really could beanything.

For those of you who hadn’t the chance to play Clash Royale so far, you might be interested that it will get globally released for Android & iOS in March as well.+

I don’t think Supercell will make one thing depending on the other one and it wouldn’t be the first time they release Updates for more than one of their games. Looks like we have an interesting March ahead.

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