Single mode vs Multi Mode of Inferno Tower – Clash of Clan Strategy

Clash of Clans is very popular android game around the world from a long time since its launching. For new Strategy and details of tips and tricks regarding clash of clans are available here, in this article we will tell you about “Single mode vs Multi Mode of Inferno Tower – Clash of Clan Strategy” and why it is very important for your in clan war. You can use this Clash of Clan Strategy and attack on your opponent and win with lots of trophies and loot.

The Inferno Tower is, next to the X-Bow, the only defense with different modes. Unlike the X-Bow, the Inferno Tower will not change between what kind of troops it attacks, but you can switch it between attacking multiple targets with constant damage, or one single target with damage rising to an astronomic amount. In this post, we will take a look what the different modes will do and which one will work best for you.

Which Mode of  Inferno Tower You May Use

Before we answer the question which mode is right and which one isn’t, I want to get a little more into detail what the two modes do and what they are good for.

The Single Target Mode

This mode is dangerous for tanking troops like the Golem, Lava Hound, and Heroes. Also Mass Dragon has a problem because it takes down Dragons very fast. Using setups that have a high number of troops like Hog Riders, BARCH or Balloons, don’t really care about single target mode because it will mathematically not deal more damage than a regular Archer Tower before they die. Dragon attacks are also very difficult because they need the Heroes to clean up – and Heroes perform very bad versus single target Inferno Towers.

Clash of Clan Strategy

The Multi-Targets Mode

This mode is double trouble because, not only does deal damage to 5 targets simultaneously, it also takes away all healing effects from Healers or Healing Spells. This makes that mode very bad for Hog Rider, Giant/Healer combos. Also, the damage is bad for lower hit point troops being pretty high and dealt constantly.

Inferno Towers Best Mode for You

Without any doubt, you should set your Inferno Towers to Multi-Mode! Some Clashers tend to think that they need to use the Single Mode because it works great against Golems – and most attacks Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 nowadays are Golem based attacks.

Clash of Clan Strategy

The thing is, that the Golem is not your real enemy. They don’t deal a lot of damage and tank away some damage. If all Golems are gone, you still have the to deal with all the damage dealing troops. A Single-Mode Inferno Tower targeting Skeletons or Wizards one by one is not ideal.

The Multi-Target Inferno is taking them down much faster and the crucial thing is, while Golems are still alive it is targeting damage dealers as well! That’s right, both of your Inferno Towers in Multi-Mode can target 10 enemy troops at the same time and deal solid damge to them. That means that even if there are 3 Golems alive you can take down 7 other damage dealing troops. That’s why Multi-Mode is the mode to go with and Single Mode Inferno Towers only invite attackers to attack your base.

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