Sneak Peek #1 for Clash of Clans Update March 2016 about Inferno Tower & Mortar Level

Wait is over for new Clash of Clans Update March 2016. Here we came some of the new up-gradations in the game that was expected to come in march 2016. The first and real Sneak Peek for the March 2016 Clash of Clans Update has been released, and it introduces new level for the Mortar and the Inferno Tower.

I hope you have checked out the announcement from yesterday about the balancing changes? Here it is:

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Mortar Level 9 & Inferno Tower Level 4

Here’s what they will look like:

Clash of Clans Update

Clash of Clans Update

In my opinion, they look good, but I’m afraid I’m not able to present you the stats today.

In fact, this suddenly matched the game file leak I have written about two weeks ago:

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I’m a bit surprised that most of the Clash of Clans Update has not been confirmed (although I expect the rest also to be confirmed, except the heavy Healer nerfs for the Queen Walk).

More March Update Features

The Hero Altars are also getting a new look, as well as the Air Defense:

Clash of Clans Update

Clash of Clans Update

Another addition will be the Builder Screen, that will show you what your Builders are working on right now and let you manage them better:

Clash of Clans Update

I’m very interested in what the new Dark Troop will be – the announcements so far have been making defensive play much stronger so I expect something that will us help to actually attack bases and earn some victories.

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