The Ultimate Guide To Why You shouldn’t remove Tombstones and Obstacles Which Make An Impact on Your Clan

Complete details of the clash of clans tips and tricks are available here, in this article we tell you the Ultimate Guide to Why you shouldn’t remove Tombstones and Obstacles which Make an Impact on Your Clan.


When you’re pushing Trophies you need to bring every little help in you can because every successful defense will give you an enormous push that you will need 2-3 successful attacks with. I’m right now pushing back to in Champions League and try to get closer to the 4,000 Cups so I’ve been experimenting a lot, and I found a small trick that rewarded me a significant amount of successful defenses in the last weeks. It’s as simple as it is ingenious and it has to do with the Tombstones from fallen Troops – it’s called the Tombstone Trick.

Tombstones Can Help in Defending the Clan

When I was attacking I was suddenly recognizing a couple of bases with Tombstones in it and I personally did not pay that much attention to it when attacking – but soon enough I recognized that these bases have been fully reloaded with Traps so I thought myself that this is maybe an approach to get more enemies attack your base thinking that your Traps aren’t rearmed or your Clan Castle is probably empty because everybody just clears away the Tombstones right away with one tap.


If you just take a brief look at the fact that a normal Tombstone rewards you 20 Elixir and a Dark Tombstone rewards 1 Dark Elixir, it’s just a ridiculous small amount you get so there’s no real use to remove it. In the beginning I really had to force myself to leave the Tombstones in my bases’ forecourt as I like my base clean and tidy. After a couple of days, I managed to collect my resources without cleaning off the Tombstones by accident like I did for the last 2 and a half years of Clashing. I simply let them be there and I recognized that I was getting more attacks from people that clearly aren’t prepared seeing double Seeking Air Mines taking out their Lava Hounds.


Of course this could’ve been a coincidence but after 2 more weeks I was sure that this could really have an effect on how many defenses I win – especially lots of attackers simply don’t think that there are defending Clan Castle Troops. I was really surprised that this was so easy but I managed to have 2 out of 5 successful defenses in Champions League which sometimes took my Trophy count higher while sleeping.

It’s Better to Leave Some Resources and Obstacles which helps Defending

What you basically do with this strategy is giving a potential attacker the feeling that your base hasn’t been visited for quite a while so it probably isn’t fully armed. You can support this intention by also leaving two or three Obstacles in your foreground. This makes your base look a little more messy but that’s a small price to pay when you get additional Cups while Trophy pushing. The ultimate one will be leaving a Gem Box if you can’t fight your greed for Gems.


If you really want to push it you can also collect your resources from your Mines and Collectors less often because when they’re filled the attacker gets greedy and careless – greed rots your mind. I personally do not do that all the time but I tried to do it when all my Builder have been busy anyway and this will give you some additional victorious defenses, but you will pay for it with the lost resources.

It is very Important to Loot the Cart Daily

You’ll see a Loot Cart showing up after each defense that rewards you 20% of what the attacker took. This Loot Cart is not seen and you should collect it after each raid – otherwise you’ll waste resources for no reasons.


What is the Leagues in which you may use this Trick

To be honest I don’t think this will be very useful in Leagues lower than Master League unless you’re a Town Hall 9 (very progressed) or Town Hall 10 (with Inferno Towers, not rushed). The closer you get to Champions League the better this works but I have seen it capping at 3,500 Trophies because there you will not see lots of attackers who don’t know what they’re doing but on the long and difficult way there you might appreciate the extra Trophies.

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