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We have roamers from so many days about May 2016 Clash of Clans Update. So finally here we go for maintenance break today for all new clash of clans update. Here’s everything relevant you need to know for the May 2016 Clash of Clans Update. Check back here to get all the latest Sneak Peeks, leaks, news and the update release date info.

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May 2016 Update Sneak Peeks

See here the detailed articles about the Sneak Peeks (updated all the time):

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May 2016 Update Info

The release date is not known for sure at this time – but check below for the most recent info regarding the release date.

Update (May 22nd)

It seems like we will see some last Sneak Peeks soon and the update is around the corner:

Clash of Clans Update

And the stats for the Baby Dragon and the Miner also got leaked

Clash of Clans Update

Clash of Clans Update

I’m pretty sure we will see the update happening tomorrow – what other reason should Supercell have to speed up the Sneak Peeks for the 2 new troops and release them on the same day?

You also remember they had the extra Sneak Peek on Friday with the Friendly Challenge Limitation to prevent Clan War sandboxing? That’s the reason for the 2 Sneak Peeks today and I’m sure that’s it. Update Day Incoming!!!

UPDATE (May 23rd)

Seems like the update needs some final polishing and will not come today:

Clash of Clans Update

The Sneak Peeks are over, so why didn’t we see a release today?

Probably because Supercell had to make the last-minute adjustments to limit Friendly Challenge. They already openly admitted that they hadn’t thought that through and reacted to our community feedback.

They are aware how important this update is to the future of the game – in fact it’s “only” a few new spells and troops, but they will change a lot of the game. They will break the fixed and pretty limited attacking strategies we all used in the past year(s) to make Clash of Clans a game where a wide variety of attacking strategies will lead to success.

If this update is turning out to be bad (like the Town Hall 11 Update last year in December), the game would become an average game, so they need to make sure it’s the best update possible. With the initial version of the Friendly Challenge, they would have just broken Clan War into pieces, so that’s why they made the last-minute adjustments to limit them and also do anything that nobody can use the Friendly Challenge Mode to sandbox Clan War attacks.

With such last-minute changes the whole team probably spend day and night testing to make sure this feature works fluid like a charm – the reason why the release of the update take a little longer (probably also because Google and Apple need to approve the new versions first as well).

Right now it seems like the update will be released earliest tomorrow, on May 24th, but that is also quite optimistic.

I think we will rather see it on Thursday, May 25th.

Stay tuned and check here for latest news regarding the release of the update.

UPDATE (May 24th)

Nothing from Supercell so far which is pretty odd at this time. When they release an update o a day they already write earlier.

Don’t give your hopes up, but I think that tomorrow seems like the day they will release the update

Clash of Clans Update

Update today!!!!

Clash of Clans Update

The Maintenance Break will start very soon!

Maintenance Break started and the “couple hours” is now an hour and a half

Clash of Clans Update

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