What is Loot Balancing and How to Save Loot – Clash of Clan Strategy

Loot  is the resource which is use to upgrade each and every thing in clash of clans. It consist of three type of resource which include Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixirs. These Gold,  Elixir and dark elixir can be stolen from four types of buildings which include  storage, mines/collectors, the Town Hall, and the Clan Castle (if it contains uncollected war loot). But note that all loot, regardless of building type, is subject to the Town Hall level-based loot multiplier (discussed below). This multiplier is applied after all calculations, including the listed caps.

For new Strategy and details of tips and tricks regarding clash of clans are available here, in this article we will tell you about “What is Loot Balancing and How to Save Loot – Clash of Clan Strategy” and why it is very important for your in clan war. You can use this Clash of Clans Strategy and attack on your opponent and win with lots of trophies and loot.

We clash anytime we can; sometimes one hour, sometimes two. Some of us diehards, even four hours straight. The last thing we want is to see our precious loot stolen! As a near max town hall 9 who has played for several years and has two accounts, the other being a max town hall 7 new town hall 8, I understand the pain all to well. So what can we do? Is there anything we can do to prevent so much of our hard earned loot being taken? Well, there are a few things that I’ve used to help myself.

Why Saving Loot Is Helping

First off, these probably won’t help the casual Clasher, but for the crazies like myself, it’s gone a long way to help turn potentially stolen loot into upgrades. The first thing is very simple.

Don’t Risk Losing Loot

Have a plan on what you need and how long you’ll need to loot to get it. That time measurement is important. For instance, if I know I’m 1 million short for an upgrade, I’m confident that I can loot that amount in 1 hour on boost and then immediately start that upgrade preventing that loot from sitting in my storages overnight.

Fill The Time

The next thing you can do involves Walls. I always try to have a Builder free because if I’m sitting on a lot of loot in my Storages I can always upgrade a couple of Walls to lighten the load. Loot spent is ALWAYS better than loot stolen!

Clash of Clan Strategy

Another technique I use is back-building troops. Basically, I build a BARCH army to fill my camps and then backload the Barracks with Golems and Dragons. You can actually hide close to a million in loot using this trick. The important thing to remember is to remove them before you attack! This refunds your loot to the storages.

The ability to use and save your loot, as opposed to watching your fellow Clashers walk away with it smiling, will go a long way towards a faster base progression! I’ve often heard, “I don’t want to use it to upgrade a Wall”! I always respond with, “The Clasher who took it from you because you didn’t…..probably upgraded a Wall.”

Your plan should never be based on saving your loot. With the new update it’s going to get taken, unless you have infernos and are a solid town hall 10 or town hall 11. Instead, use that time measurement to know when you’re close enough to put in an hour or two and get enough to kick off that new shiny upgrade right away!


They can’t take what you don’t have. Keep the upgrades going and use Walls to manage your on hand loot. You get Wall upgrades out of the way this way and prevent possible loss… it’s a win-win!

Also, another huge tip is keeping your elixir and gold in storages low. Often people will hit next, regardless of how much Dark Elixir you have available, to find a base that contains all three.

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