You Want to Kill a Lava Hound In Clash of Clan Castle, Here is Its Clash of Clans Strategy

All type of new Strategy and details of the clash of clans tips and tricks are available here, in this article you can found complete information about how you can kill a Lava Hound in Clash of Clan Castle which can help you to attack in better way and win more loot and trophies in clan war and other attacks. You can also found all the latest Clash of Clans Strategy in this category of our blog.

The Poison Spell is very mighty and kill almost all troops that come out of a Clan Castle – that strategy made more and more have Lava Hounds defending in their Clan Castle, especially in Clan War. The Lava Hound doesn’t deal a lot of damage, but it’s able to ruin your attack. In this post, I will show you how you can deal with a defending Lava Hound the best way.

New Clash of Clans Strategy: If You Found Lava Hound in Clan Castle Then What You Have to do?

In regular circumstances you’ll not be surprised a lot by the Lava Hound because it occurs mostly during Clan Wars. You know what will happen and you need to deal with it. Lots of Clashers simply do their attack and let the Lava Hound happen, because they think it won’t do that much damage and can be ignored. That’s wrong! The Lava Hound can ruin your attack:

  1. It will slow down the attack, because your troops will focus on it and take some time to get it down
  2. The Lava Pups might ruin your clean up by taking down lots of Wizards etc.

Ignoring the defending Lava Hound is most likely the worst thing you can do if you use an army composition with lots of Wizards, Hogs or Balloons.

Defending Lava Hound

What are the Problems of Taking Down A Defending Lava Hound

Taking the Lava Hound down like you would with another troop, like a Dragon, can become very expensive to your army and you can easily lose a couple of Wizards or other clean up troops.

If you drop some Wizards they will take down the Lava Hound quite quickly, but the Lava Pups will kill your Wizards:

Killing  Lava Hound while Defending

I will now show you step by step how you can deal with the defending Lava Hound the best way.

Bring Lava Hound in Corner

I already showed you that the biggest problem are the Lava Pups, They are spreaded widely and hard to take down and force your troops into a 1-on-1 battle. You need to make that area smaller, so try to bring the Lava Hound into a corner:

Luring Lava Hound

Drop your troops so they will stand right below the Lava Hound. It doesn’t deal spalsh damage, so there’s no use in spreading your troops around it.

How to Kill Lava Hound

Your troops will now take down the Lava Hound second by second. Watch closely how many hit points are left, In the second the Lava Hound has about 20% left, drop your Poison Spell!

Lava Hound Kill

The Lava Pups will gather together, because you dropped your troops int he corner and the Poison Spell will help killing them very fast. You can use Archers and Wizards for that, whatever is fitting your attacking strategy.

  • If you use Archers you’ll need the Archer Queen as well
  • Only using Wizards can be done without the Archer Queen, but you should mix up with some Archers

You see, it can be easily taken down without hurting your main attack.

IMPORTANT: Deploy your main attack in that situation to make these troops also join your main attack. There’s no need waiting until all Pups are killed.

Lava Hound Can’t be Ignored

Remember when I told in the beginning that ignoring the Lava Hound is a bad thing? In cases you use a lot of Golems, you don’t have to take down the Lava Hound before you do your main attack. They will tank away the damage, but you have to make sure you drop a Poison Spell in the Lava Pups. Otherwise, they will hold you up too long.

With all these strategies to kill Lava Hound you can make impact on your clan and attacks more effectively on your enemy village and can be able to win more trophies and win the attack. We explain all the strategies to kill Lava Hound with examples, you can follow them and win wars for your clan in a style. For more Clash of Clans Strategy keep visiting our blog.

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